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Shenzhen Guangxun Energy Technology Co. was established in 2011 as a protection board and control board manufacturer. In 2019, lithium-ion soft pack core manufacturing plant was build in Huizhou Zhongkai High-tech Zone .In 2021 to set up the Energy Storage Pike Division, in 2022 to integrate the BMS protection board, core, Energy Storage Pike new energy three core departments to set up Shenzhen Guangxun Energy Technology Co.

Our brand BULLCUBE dedicated to providing high-performance, high-quality, cost-effective energy storage products customization and solutions. The factory is located at No. 3-11, east of Xinke Avenue, Tongqiao Town Industrial Zone, Zhongkai High-Tech Zone, Huizhou City, China. At the end of 2021, we will expand our production and add a new production site. After the expansion, the total production area reached 17,000Sqm, plus 8,000Sqm office and dormitory area. The annual production capacity of the company will exceed 600 million yuan, and it will have nearly 500 employees. The company has built a high starting point and high standard 100,000-grade dust-free workshop, and invested up to more than 50 million yuan in plant decoration.

Make top quality products, providing high quality service is our business philosophy, dedicated to the application of intelligent energy to provide safe high-performance, high-quality, cost-effective customized product services and solutions; in the technical aspects of the company has a covering materials, electronics, chemistry, structure and other professional senior technical research and development team; in the quality management we advocate: fine In terms of quality management, we advocate the policy of "core" manufacturing, continuous improvement and customer demand first. Let the company become a platform for staff development, create value for customers, create benefits for enterprises, and become a technical, innovative and socially responsible lithium battery manufacturer.

Core Competence

Fast response to our customers’ need; large-scale production lines and global deployment ensure reliable and agile delivery for customers.


Providing customized services and products.


Insist on providing higher added value for every partner and co-innovating a smart future hand in hand with global partners.

Committed to provide ODM/OEM service for more than decade

The core manufacturing plant production equipment are selected from the domestic well-known brand manufacturer, high level of automation: automatic mixer, Jiangsu Da clan coating machine, Xinyu people coating machine, automatic production machine, automatic slitting machine, automatic liquid injection sealing machine, high vacuum oven, according to the production of the actual custom-made professional supporting production equipment and testing instruments to ensure product quality, while based on the requirements of safety and environmental protection, the construction of various new At the same time, based on safety and environmental protection requirements, the construction of various new energy-saving and environmental protection facilities, fire safety facilities, etc., the overall investment in equipment 10,000,000 yuan. Products are widely used in electronic cigarettes, digital products, smart wear, drones, etc.
Core capacity distribution cabinet Aging test cabinet Automatic OVC Testing & Sorting 100000 Grade Clean Workshop Automatic Slitting Machine
Company & Product Qualification
International Renowned Brand

The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environment system, UL, CE, IEC, ROHS and other testing certifications. Since its establishment, the company has attached great importance to the research and development of new products, product quality, and the construction of the talent team, with incoming material testing laboratories, sample development laboratories, and safety performance testing laboratories. In 2021, we obtained the qualification of Huizhou Engineering Technology Center, and in 2021, we passed the national high-tech enterprise audit and obtained the qualification of national high-tech enterprise.

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