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Air-cooling industrial and commercial energy storage system

Adopting the design concept of "ALL in one", the long-life battery, battery management system BMS, high-performance converter system PCS, active fire protection system, intelligent power distribution system, thermal management system, energy management system EMS is integrated into a single standardized outdoor cabinet, forming an integrated plug and play intelligent energy block products.
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Flexible configuration
Support multiple sets of parallel use, expansion to MW level
Multiple communication methods to meet customers'self-scheduling Needs
Easy installation
ALL in one design, reducing the time and cost of transportation and on-site installation
IP55 protection level, meeting outdoor installation conditions
Smart and friendly
7-inch touch screen, easy and convenient to operation
Built-in EMS, a variety of operating mode options to increase revenue
Safe and reliable
High-quality battery cells with a cycle life of more than 6,000 times under standard operating conditions
Efficient thermal management design, active fire protection system to ensure system safety
Product Parameters

Battery Type

LFP 3.2V280Ah

Battery module


Number of battery modules


Rated power


Depth of discharge


Communication Interface


Cooling method

air-conditioned cooling

Charge and discharge rate


Voltage range


Fire fighting system


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